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WEBASTO - Feel the Drive
  • Urban 

    Trend, change, lifestyle: We provide you with valuable tips and exciting articles about cars in the city. For example, find out why a parking heater in your car is smart or how you can avoid freezing in winter.

  • Why It’s Smart to Have a

    Parking Heater in Your Vehicle.

    When you get into your vehicle in winter, you want the interior to feel like your living room, not your fridge. This is the most obviousreason why it’s worth considering investing in a parking heater – but there are many more. Here we explore why it’s good to have a parking heater. And the reasons may surprise you.

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  • How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather.

    Older people often feel the cold, especially in winter. You can either accept it with a sigh or do something about it. After all, there are plenty of ways to put an end to unpleasant shivers. Our author has tried some of them and written about his experiences.

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